Dog Training Programs

Happy Tails Dog Training offers professional dog training for dogs of all ages, all breeds, and temperaments.  We also offer reliable obedience training, puppy training, and training to resolve a variety of other canine behavior issues. Regardless of the issue, we commit to working with you and your dog until all of your training goals are achieved.

How Professional Dog Training Works

A professional dog training program is designed to resolve canine behavior issues, while teaching the dog new behaviors and skills that make owning a dog a dream come true.  We start with a behavioral assessment to see how severe/mild the behaviors are, then we set you up with a RESULTS-BASED training program.  We offer three styles of training for you and your dog, depending on your dog’s behavior, your time frame, and your goals.

  • In-Home Sessions – One-on-one training programs to give you that individual touch.
  • Day Training – We’ll do most of the work for you, while giving you the skills and tools you need to continue training at home.
  • Residency Programs – When your dog comes home, he’ll be the picture of a perfect pet.

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We would love to help you discover a better relationship between you and your dog, and help your dog overcome their behavior issues. To chat with us about your dog, give us a call at 801.822.9877 or fill out our contact form

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