Bring Home Your Perfect Puppy

Happy Tails Dog Training offers pre-trained and socialized puppies for families and individuals who want to bring home the puppy of their dreams.

Skip all the hard stuff and step into life with a well-mannered, well-rounded, well-trained puppy!



For owners searching for their future best friend we sometimes have a few adoptable puppies for you to choose from.  These puppies are carefully selected and temperament tested before they even start training, to ensure we are only training and offering the best for our clients.  They come from outstanding breeders with healthy and stable adult dogs, and have the personalities that make them ideal family dogs!  Our puppies have also become service and therapy dogs and are located across the states.


Do you already have a puppy?  Good news because we have open spots to accept your new best friend into our training programs! 

CLICK HERE to learn more about our programs, or CLICK HERE to fill out a contact form.  You can also give us a call to learn more about our training programs, by visiting our Contact Us page. 

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Whether you’re looking for a service dog candidate, a companion to explore the neighborhood or the world with, or your family’s next best friend, we are here to help you find and that perfect puppy.

You can start your journey with us by filling out the Puppy Wish List.  With this form, you can tell us about your ideal puppy, including the breed, gender, and activity levely you’re hoping for.

Once we know what you’re looking for in your next best friend, the search begins!

  • After talking with many breeders that offer your prefered breed(s), we’ll compile a list of breeders that not only meet our professional requirements, but that also meet your list of goals.
  • We’ll put you in touch with the breeders we’ve approved so you can learn about their puppies yourself!  You’ll have the opportunity to pick the breeder you’d like the most to work with.
  • Once we’ve picked the best breeder, then we look at the puppies!  At 7 weeks, we’ll temperament test all the puppies that match your Perfect Puppy List to find the one(s) that has the personality you’re looking for.  Once you’ve selected your perfect puppy from the litter,
  • With your perfect puppy selected from the litter, we make and finalize the plans for your puppy to come home!

Once your puppy is ready to leave the breeder, you can choose to welcome them straight home, or send them to us for training, first.



We offer three training programs for you to choose from:  Jump Start Puppy, Amazing Puppy, and Elite Puppy.

As a baseline, every puppy that goes through training at Happy Tails learns the following:

  • How to ring a bell on command, to be paired with pottying outside,
  • How to enter and exit a crate on command and relax in a kennel peacefully, both during the day and during the night,
  • How to greet strangers and family appropriately in the home (no jumping, nipping, or barking)
  • How to react around dogs, cats, and varioys neighborhood sights and sounds,
  • How to behave around children of all ages (no jumping, nipping, or barking) and how to play in a way that’s enjoyable for everyone involved,
  • How to sit, lay down, and come on command.
In our more advanced programs, puppies can also learn:
  • How to walk on a leash
  • How to come when called off-leash in distracting environments
  • How to behave in public around distractions
  • How to leave objects and food alone on command,
  • How to settle and relax on command, around strangers and family alike,
  • More advanced commands such as place, drop-it, heel, boundaries, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about our training programs, check out our Puppy School programs.

dog trainer holds goldendoodle, poodle and golden retriever mix, puppy in a store. Smiling woman and fluffy, cute puppy

Puppies in training live in our trainer’s homes where they are given around-the-clock supervision, training, and attention.  They go for daily socailzation outings where they meet new people, animals, sights, sounds, and smells, and take part in multiple training sessions a day.

In order to have a strong relationship with your puppy, we HEAVILY ENCOURAGE owners to come down and visit if you can!  This way, our owners get an inside look at our training program, have a chance to practice commands and behaviors their puppies are learning, and become an essential part of the raising process.

If you aren’t able to visit your puppies throughout their training program, don’t worry.  Our program is timed specifically to send puppies home during their crucial bonding periods so they will quickly and easily fall in love with their new owners as if they’ve known them their entire lives.

To make it even better, while your puppy is in training we keep you in the loop by sending pics and videos, and posting training updates to our social media.


When the puppy has finished training it’s finally time to welcome them home!


Don’t worry about scheduling a trip down because we’ll hand-deliver your puppy right to your home! 

When your puppy comes home we’ll spend an afternoon going over everything your puppy learned during their stay with us.  We will demonstrate all the commands and behaviors, discuss training topics and methods, and give you the oportunity to practice these new skills one-on-one with your puppy.

Once the puppy has settled in we’ll begin our follow-up training and support.  Each program has a customized follow-up training training plan, including virtual sessions, day train packages, and additional board and train weeks.  These follow-up options are great for tweaking and modifying training to make it fit perfectly for you and your new puppy.  It also gives us a chance to address any budding behaviors with the puppy and train new commands as needed.

With all of our programs, we also offer life-long training support.  This way, no matter what’s going on with your puppy, you will have the ability to reach out to us for help and guidance.


We have puppies located across the States and have developed a special Transition Program especially for these owners!

A few days begore your puppy is scheduled to come home we will record and send you a detailed Graduation Video starring your puppy!  In this video, we go over everything your puppy has learned during their stay with us, walk through and demonstrate commands and behaviors, and discuss essential training topics.  With this video you will always have something to look back on and review as you settle in with your new puppy.

Our programs also have special delivery options and in-person training availalbe on request.  We will come to you to hand over your new puppy in person, and you can come to us to learn what your puppy has learned first-hand.  No state is out of our reach and no owner is too far.

Ready to welcome home a trained puppy of your own?  Schedule a FREE Training Call and talk with our trainers!  We’re excited to start working with you.

When you bring home a puppy from Happy Tails Dog Training, you are bringing home a life-long companion!



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