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Natalie was great to work with. Our little Toby has progressed so far and I sincerely appreciate all the tips, tricks, and advice I received from Natalie during training. Be sure you understand that dog training is as much about dog owner training as it is K-9 training. Give yourself time to follow through with the specifics. It’s worth it!

Penny B.

We got our puppy trained through Happy Tails and it has been wonderful to have Natalie’s expertise and support to help us. We have never had a puppy. We’ve always wanted a puppy, but with 3 rambunctious children of our own we just didn’t feel like we could handle it until we found Natalie. We love our puppy and Natalie is just a call or text away to provide us with help and encouragement when we need it.

Becky M.

I’m very glad I went with Natalie to train my dog. Asher, our Boston Terrier, used to be the best dog. He was good with our kids and played with the cats like he was one. But when we moved last month his behaviors took a weird turn. He started barking at the door and humping our new neighbors and seemed to forget how to use the doggy door! Our house stank really bad and nothing we were doing was working. So we contacted Natalie. She gave us a free consultation and after a few questions and watching Asher’s habits she said she could help us.  She set us up with a program to get Asher the training he needed and things went so well!  We’s recommend her to everyone with a dog who needs help.

Mark F.

Natalie is wonderful. She is so kind and does a fantastic job. She is very dedicated. She goes above and beyond.

Jeannie P.

I’m so grateful to Natalie and her training program! She was so supportive and kind with me as a first time dog owner and my shy puppy. We both learned so much from Happy Tails Dog Training! My once fearful puppy is now filled with confidence and joy and I have Natalie to thank. She is an amazing trainer and I feel so blessed to have been able to learn from her. I highly recommend Happy Tails Dog training to anyone who needs help with her puppy/dog!

Shali S.

I signed up for 5 training sessions, two walking and a quick nail trimming session. I am very pleased with the results, after just trimming my puppies nails without any fuss! She did a great job helping my puppy learn how to play friendly and to relax. Mostly Natalie helped teach my family and I how to handle my dogs bad behavior and how to effectively discipline and reward him!! Being consistent with what she taught us has really improved my puppy’s behavior!

Natalie W.

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