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For the BUSY puppy owner

For the PREPARED puppy owner


Perfect Puppy School is the best option for owners who want to enjoy a well-trained puppy.  Send your puppy to us for training and we’ll send them back as a trained, socialized, happy puppy.

Puppy School Programs

Puppy School Training programs are a board and train learning experience, taking place in our trainer’s home in Santaquin, Utah.  We accept any breed of puppy, 8 weeks to 6 months, and offer in-home learning opportunities for Utah County and the surrounding areas.  To learn more about our other programs, schedule your FREE Dog Training Assessment call.

Jump Start Puppy - 2 Week Program

This program gives new owners a head start on potty training, house manners, and important life skills!

Your puppy will learn how to tell you when he needs to go potty, sleep through the night in their kennel or crate, listen to and obey basic commands, and be calm and comfortable around normal, everyday distractions.

This is the “JUMP START” program

This program is best for new puppy owners who would like a head start on potty training, crate training, and basic commands.


  • 2 Weeks of Board & Train
    • Potty training
    • Crate training
    • Socialization
    • Basic commands: Sit, Down, Come
    • Solutions for common problem behaviors 
  • Gradution session, where we’ll teach you everything your puppy learned and get you settled into life with your trained puppy
  • 2 months of follow-up training support to tweak behaviors or train something new
  • Call and text support for 6 months after your puppy comes home


Amazing Puppy - $3500

We call this our “AMAZING PUPPY” program.

This program is best for puppy owners who want a great FAMILY DOG experience

We’ll do the hard work for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of a well-mannered, well-rounded, well-trained puppy.  Your puppy will tell you when they want to go outside, sleep through the night in their kennel, obey all the basic and advanced commands, and will behave beautifully around your family, your guests, and even strangers.

If you want an AMAZING PUPPY, this is the program for you


  • 4 Weeks of Board & Train
    • Potty training
    • Crate training
    • Socialization
    • Basic & Advanced Obedience
    • Solutions for puppy problem behaviors
    • House Manners
    • Guest greeting
    • Beginners public training
  • Graduation Session, where we’ll teach you everything your puppy learned and get you settled into life with your puppy
  • 12 months FREE follow-up training.
  • UNLIMITED phone, text, email, and conferencing support

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ELITE Puppy - 8 week program

In this program we cover and address every problem behavior and issue experienced by new and experienced puppy owners alike, and install new behaviors and cues that prepare puppies for special jobs like service or therapy dog work.  We only take one puppy at a time for this program to give them all the time and attention we have to help them grow into happy, confident dogs.

We call this our “ELITE OF THE ELITE” program.

This program is for owners who want to fast forward through the potty training accidents, puppy mouthing, and awkward learning stages, and jump right into owning the perfect dog. Puppies that graduate from this 8-week program come home fully potty trained, crate trained, and leash trained, with over 20 cues and taught behaviors to make their lives with you amazing from the start.

We have had puppies from this program become Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs!

This program is unique in that we only accept one Elite Puppy at a time, so we can dedicate as much time and attention to their progress and learning.


  • 8 Weeks of all-day Board & Train
    • Potty training
    • Crate training
    • Socialization
    • Basic, Advanced & Elite obedience commands
    • Solutions for ALL your puppy’s problem behaviors
    • Public training (manners and etiquette in pet-friendly locations including outdoor restaurants, hardware stores, parks and fair grounds, farmer’s markets, etc)
    • Guest Greeting
    • House Manners
    • Leash Training
    • Beginners Off-Leash Reliability
  • Gradution Session, split over a weekend.  We’ll teach you everything your puppy learned and get you settled into life with your new best friend
  • UNLIMITED follow-up training sessions to tweak behaviors, train something new, or work on previous training for the life of your puppy.

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We have several spots open today!  We enroll three puppies at a time and you can book your spot up to six months in advance. 

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Positive, Fun, and Smart

In our training sessions, we use positive reinforcement to show puppies that good behavior is the best behavior!  We make it OBVIOUS that learning to do things the right way will yeild the best rewards.

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