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You can train your puppy to be your dream dog in as little as 10 minutes a day!

Learn the secrets the PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINERS use to raise outstanding dogs


Happy Tails’ Puppy Academy is the most convenient training and learning experience for you and your puppy!  Learn all the secrets YOU need to raise and train an outstanding dog.

Our goal is to relieve the stress of puppyhood for new and old puppy owners alike, and give you the peace of mind KNOWING you are raising the dog of your dreams.

We take the ruff out of puppyhood!


The Puppy Academy is designed to help you out with all the basic and advanced aspects of puppy raising to get you through puppyhood and beyond! Our training areas include:

  • Obedience Commands with Hand Signals and Verbal: Sit, Down, Up, Stand, Wait, Place, Leave It (food and objects), Drop It, Settle, Off, Halt, Boundaries, Come, and Fetch
  • Potty and Crate Training
  • Leash Manners and Walk Training
  • Nipping and Bite Inhibition Training
  • No Jump and No Bark Training
  • Socialization and Exposure techniques for a calm and well-rounded dog.
  • Threshold Training
  • Recall Training
  • Distraction Training
  • Good Eating Habits Training including Waiting for Water Bowl Training
  • Desensitization and Familiarization Training with loud noises and common household appliances
  • Grooming, Handling and Teeth Brushing Training  
  • Rules, Boundaries and Limitations Training aka teaching your pup what is expected of them so you can hold them accountable and get that well-mannered pup you desire in the home, office, and outdoors!


Because all puppies  and owner’s training goals are different, all quotes are done based on a questionnaire and FREE puppy evaluation.  Once our trainers have assessed your puppy, we’ll find the program that best suits your puppy.

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We love our Nyx!!! She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She’s fabulous with the kids and all people. Nyx has the sweetest disposition, is so smart, and is so well behaved. Everyone who meets her loves her and asks where we got her and wants to take her home! She is one much loved puppy!
Eric Peterson

Our family has always wanted a puppy, but my husband and I already felt so overwhelmed with our children (all 3 have ADHD and one also has autism).  We didn’t have the time, energy, or experience to train a dog or a puppy, but we felt like a puppy would be so good for our kids.  And then we found Happy Tails!  Natalie made it possible and we love our puppy so much.  Our puppy (Lillipup) came to us well-trained and eager to learn. We have continued to teach her and she is a joy to our family.  When we have concerns or needed help, Natalie is just a text or phone call away to give us advice.
Beky Manwarang

It’s been 6 weeks since Brutus came home.  He fits a space that we needed filled, and presents countless opportunities to heal wounds that haven’t healed any other way.  Having him in our lives has challenged us to grow in ways we want to, to continue making progress and learning.
LeAndra Baker

We loved Happy Tails!!!  They were a great price, and so so good with our puppy!  We learned so much and are so happy to have a well trained puppy now ? Natalie is very experienced with all different types of dogs and knows so much!  I would recommend Happy Tails to anyone and everyone!

Melissa Secor

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