Classes & Programs Designed For

Quarantine Training

Classes For All Situations

COVID-19 has upset most of our daily lives. With our social lives on hold, there isn’t a better time to work on your relationship with your canine roommate. We have classes ranging from “He barks a little and I’d like to make it stop.” to “This is why mommy drinks.”

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Beginner Tier

Your dog is AWESOME! Well, except for one or two things. You’re 90% good already, there are just a few things you need some help to get covered. 

Intermediate Tier

You’ve put some good work into your relationship with your dog, and things are going good, but could be better.  Your dog has a few bigger issues that you want to tackle ASAP.

Advanced Tier

You love this dog. But if you don’t get some training down you’re going to pull all your hair out. This is for when you need a tailored long term plan to turn your dog into the respectable roommate you know they can be.

Beginner Tier
  • One (1) Strategy session phone call
  • 2-Hour Private Session
Intermediate Tier
  • Four (4) Coaching Calls
  • Access to FB group
  • Access to Masterclass
  • Weekly Q&A Group Calls
  • One (1) Private Session
Maxium Tier
  • Ten (10) Private Sessions, Recorded
  • Ten (10) Coaching calls
  • Video Critiques
  • Access to Challenges and Rewards Program
  • Access to FB Group
  • Access to Masterclass
  • Weekly Q&A Calls

Personal Training

Because YouTube training videos just aren’t cutting it anymore, are they? They’re like wearing a shirt three sizes too big. Sure, it covers everything, but it doesn’t fit. We’re here to tailor that shirt until it fits the way you want and need it to. 

Coaching calls

Coaching calls are for the…idk what goes here, Natalie.

Private Sessions

The mother of all virtual training, Private sessions are the best way to tailor a program to fit you. Unlike watching videos online, a private session allows us to critique as we go, making sure you know and understand every step. You’ll see a boost in your confidence and ability to tackle issues related to your dog.


Access to our Masterclass gives you the tools you need to train your dog when you need them. Being able to access classes when it fits your schedule is one of the best parts of a Masterclass. All the resources we have are at your fingertips, go nuts.