Frequently Asked Questions

How does your program work?
Whether you’re looking for a service dog candidate, a companion to hike with, or your family’s next best friend, we are here to help you find and train that perfect dog.  Learn more about our program HERE!

Where do you get your puppies?

When finding puppies for our clients, we only accept puppies from high-quality breeders into our programs.  The adult dogs have documented health clearances, stable and family-oriented temperaments, and the puppies are raised in the breeder’s home.  Click HERE to learn more about our breeder requirements.

Where are you located?

Our training base is in Santaquin, Utah!  We hand-deliver our puppies to their owner’s home, and across the US on request!  So no matter where you live our puppies and our services are available to you.

Wouldn’t it be easier to train my own puppy?

Learning how to train a puppy is a very rewarding experience and we HIGHLY recommend that you learn as much as you can and continue to train throughout your puppy’s life.  However, you may find that the first few weeks of your puppy’s life can be a challenging time, both for you and your new puppy.

Our clients believe that having the help of an experienced professional to get their puppy off to the right start and help the owner through the most critical period of their puppy’s development is the best option.

Do your puppies make good family dogs?


Puppies from Happy Tails are specifically selected and trained to thrive in a family home environment.  They are socialized to children and adults of all ages and are taught gentle and appropriate manners right from the start.

Unlike other training programs that house their puppies in kennels or training facilities, our puppies live in our trainer’s homes and are treated like our personal dogs.  Almost all of our graduated puppies have gone to homes with children!

What will my puppy know?

We offer three training programs for our trained puppies. Each program covers potty training, crate training, house manners, and socialization, and then branches out into more advanced training topics.
Here we have Gabby the Mini Goldendoodle demonstrating the indoor portion of her “Elite of the Elite” training program!  She graduated in February of 2018 and now lives in California with her forever family.
Will my puppy still bond to me even though I didn’t train it?
YES! In order for our owners to have a strong relationship with their puppies, we HEAVILY ENCOURAGE owners to come down and visit.  This way, our owners get an inside look at our training program, have a chance to practice the commands and behaviors their puppies are learning, and they become an essential part of the raising process. Our program is timed specifically to send puppies home during their crucial bonding periods so even if their owner wasn’t able to vist, they can quickly and easily attach to their new owners as if they’ve known them their whole lives.
I’m looking for a service dog candidate.  Will these puppies suite my needs?
Yes.  Our 8-week “Elite of the Elite” training program is specifically designed with service and therapy dogs in mind. We start by temperament testing all of our puppies to ensure they alrady have that desired personality before they even start training.  Only one out of ten puppies has the right natural temperament.  When the puppy starts training, we work hard to provide the foundation your puppy will need in order to succeed at their future jobs, using expert methods and training techniques proven to produce these desireable qualities and standards. For special cases, we work closely with service dog experts in our area to make sure we are training the puppy to the needed standard, and we will even get a few service tasks started for you so you already have a foundation to start with.
Can I choose my puppy’s breed/gender/size/color?
Yes.  If you reserve a training spot before your puppy begins training, you will have the ability to choose the breed/gender/size/color of puppy you would like trained for you. Contact us to learn more, or to reserve a future training spot.