Come home to the dog of your dreams!

We grew up watching the LEGENDS and HEROES on TV. 

Lassie, Ol’ Yeller, Winn-Dixie, and yes, even Scoobie Doo.  Looking at these awesome pups, owning a dog seemed like the best thing in the history of EVER!  But when you grew up and brought Fido home, your dreams of owning a super-dog like Lassie quickly became nightmares…of living with a Marley

A dog that barks at the mailman, chases birds at the park, and won’t listen to you for anything.  You cringe at the idea of going for a walk, having people over, or taking him to your kids’ soccer practice

And guess what: I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling right now.  

Because I’ve stood where you’re standing, my friend.

My name is Natalie Buckley and I’m the head trainer at Happy Tails Dog Training.

Growing up, all the dogs we had were nightmare Marley’s…  Problem dogs with issues we didn’t know how to fix, and behaviors we didn’t know how to mannage. 

But unlike Marley’s owners, when our dog’s problems became too big to handle, our dogs were rehomed to friends, family, or sent to the shelter to be picked up by people who could care for them better than us.

And after YEARS of going through the same loop with the same dogs that developed the same issues we didn’t know how to fix…I decided to finally DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 

I was tired of saying goodbye to the dogs I loved so much, and starting the process over again with the next unlucky pup.

I wanted to keep my dogs until they were old and gray.  So I made a promise to myself that I was going to stop the cycle and break the wheel.  I was going to learn how to turn my Marley dogs into adorable Lassies that I could keep.

And thus started my journey to become a Dog Trainer!

After years of research, searching, and learning, I finally fulfilled my mission and became a certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College in the Summer of 2014!

And I’ve been working with dogs and helping their owners ever since.  I’ve been LOVING every minute of it!  I have helped frustrated and stressed owners turn their problem dogs become amazing family pets; dogs they could be proud to own!  We are stopping the cycle, one dog at a time, and creating pets that last a life-time.

And if you’re looking for dog training, I can help you, too. 

If you’d like advice, answers, or just to know if your dog can be trained, book a free Training Call.  I’d love to jump on the phone with you to talk about your dog, the issues you’re having, and hopefully give you some answers.  Just click the button below to get started.